Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema Therapy is available in ourSpanish Plaines Clinic.Lymphedema Therapy can be used to manage and reduce discomfort.

Your lymphatic system plays a large role in your immune function and circulation. If your lymphatic system is compromised, the body will have to work much harder to circulate fluid.

What is Lymphedema?

When the lymphatic vessels are unable to circulate fluids, swelling and fluid buildup occur, which is called lymphedema. This most commonly occurs when lymph nodes are damaged or removed as part of cancer treatment. This is when lymphedema treatment may be required. Although there is no cure for Lymphedema, the condition can be managed to reduce discomfort. 

 What kinds of Lymphedema diagnoses can lymphedema therapy treat?

Primary Lymphedema happens on its own, not caused by another condition or injury.
Secondary Lymphedema often occurs in people who’ve had a surgery during which their lymph nodes were damaged or removed.

What is Lymphedema Treatment?

Your Certified Lymphedema Therapist may utilize various techniques including manual lymph drainage and therapeutic exercises. Additionally, he may recommend the use of compression garments along with other applicable  lymphedema treatments.

Lymphedema Therapy is available in our Spanish Plaines Clinic only