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Find the Best Mt. Dora Physical Therapy Clinic

Lake Centre for Rehab provides our patients with the best physical therapy in Mt. Dora. The physical therapy specialists on our team are experts at treating pain, limited range of motion, and issues with restricted functionality. We help people return to a full, active lifestyle. There are plenty of great choices throughout Central Florida, but we believe that Lake Centre for Rehab is better, because:

  • Quality of Care- We consistently provide the best physical therapy in Mt. Dora, and the gap between us and local competitors is significant. Both the way we care for our patients and the innovative, effective treatments we provide make the difference for our clients.
  • Convenience – We have a network of offices including our Mt. Dora physical therapy clinic, four physical therapy clinics in The Villages, and two physical therapy clinics in Leesburg.
  • Comprehensiveness – Together, our team of physical therapy specialists provide the most complete list of services in the tri-county area, including the wide variety of cutting-edge therapies and treatments you can find below.
  • Value – We provide our services at very competitive, affordable rates, which makes Lake Centre the best PT value in Lake County. We take most insurance, Medicare, and offer a self-pay program.

The Mt. Dora Physical Therapy Specialists

Mt. Dora physical therapy specialists help with sports injury The physical therapists at Lake Centre for Rehab in Mt. Dora have a variety of specialized techniques to help you return to your active, heathy lifestyle and are recognized as leaders in the following therapies:

Physical Therapy in Mt. Dora

Orthopedic Rehab and Joint Replacement Rehab
All Musculoskeletal Issues
Sports Rehab
Balance Therapy

Wellness Programs in Mt. Dora


Balance Screen

What Other Types of Therapy Does Lake Centre for Rehab Offer?

Within our network of seven area clinics, our team of experts specializes in the following:

For a description of each type of physical therapy, click here. Whatever type of therapy you desire, the Lake Centre network has an office nearby to serve your needs.

How Do I Decide Between Mt. Dora Physical Therapy Clinics?

Seeking help at Mt. Dora physical therapy clinicThese are some things you may consider when choosing between PT clinics. We have found that the following considerations can be quite helpful in determining your selection:

  • Your Mt. Dora physical therapist should be licensed in the state of Florida and have the licenses appropriate for their specialty, whether they be Physical Therapists (PTs), Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs), Occupational Therapists (OTs), Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTAs) or Speech Therapists (STs).
  • Your first visit should include a thorough review of your medical history and a physical examination/initial evaluation before any treatment is rendered. Successful and safe treatment requires a thorough understanding of your heath history.
  • Your therapy goals should be discussed in detail during your first visit.
  • Your therapist should be able to prove success. Perhaps the best indicator of a successful physical therapist is the opinion of those who have worked with them in the past. If you are considering a physical therapist in Mt. Dora, and they cannot or will not provide independent survey results, we strongly encourage you to reconsider using their services.
  • Your care should include a variety of approaches which might include any or all of the following: hands-on techniques, soft tissue work, therapeutic exercises, aquatic physical therapy, and in some cases heat, cold, electrical stimulation or ultrasound.
  • Does the Mt. Dora physical therapist you are considering offer a customized service designed to specifically address your problem, or are they attempting to fit your rehab into their offerings?
  • You should be able to briefly meet with or interview your therapist before your first visit. It is vital that you feel comfortable with your therapist, and build a collaborative working relationship with him or her.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of location. Since sitting and driving often aggravate orthopedic problems, there should be a very good reason for you to drive a long distance for rehabilitation. We are not only the top Mt. Dora physical therapy specialists, but we also are conveniently located, with seven branch offices around Lake, Sumter, and south Marion counties.
  • Make sure the hours of operation fit into your schedule and lifestyle. Don’t let a busy work schedule or other commitments prevent you from completing your physical therapy.
  • Determine how much experience your PT and their team have.
  • Make certain your Mt. Dora physical therapist takes your insurance. If not, are they willing to offer a payment program?
  • Choose Lake Centre for Rehab for Physical Therapy, Mt. Dora

Mt. Dora has relied on Lake Centre for Rehab for decades precisely because we help  our clients get results and return to the most full and active lifestyle possible. Your injuries and rehabilitation are uniquely your own, and we would love to discuss with you the specifics of your case. Please call us at 352.383-7800 to consult with one of our Mt. Dora physical therapy specialists and let us answer questions you might have. We look forward to becoming your preferred Mt. Dora physical therapy clinic.