Hand Therapy in The Villages® & Leesburg, FL

Hand Therapy

Lake Center Rehab | Hand TherapyRestricted use of your upper extremity (shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand), can result in the disruption of many daily activities. A Hand Therapist can address your priorities by teaching you activity modifications and new techniques to achieve independence and perform your daily activities  What kinds of diagnoses can a hand therapist treat?

  • arthritis of the upper extremity
  • carpal tunnel
  • tendonitis
  • weakness
  • CVA (stroke)
  • shoulder injuries
  • trauma
  • joint replacement in the upper extremity
  • injuries requiring custom fabricated orthoses

Hand Therapy is available in our Spanish Plaines, Colony, & Lake Sumter Landing locations in The Villages®, FL, also offered in our Leesburg & Highland Lakes locations in Leesburg, Florida.Click here to download Hand Therapy brochure