Balance & Vestibular Therapy in The Villages®, Leesburg, & Mt. Dora, FL

Balance/Vestibular Therapy

Learn Vertigo Symptoms in Spanish | GOLCR GoalsOne recent study estimates that as many as 35% adults over 40, in the U.S., — approximately 69 million Americans, have experienced some form of vestibular dysfunction.

Symptoms of chronic dizziness or imbalance can have an impact on a person’s ability to perform one or more activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, or simply getting around inside the home, affecting 11.5% of adults with chronic dizziness and 33.4% of adults with chronic imbalance.

Symptoms may include: Vertigo and dizziness; Imbalance and spatial disorientation; Vision disturbance; Hearing changes; Cognitive and/or psychological changes


GOLCR - Blance Vestibular Therapy

Lake Centre for Rehabhas physical therapists certified in vestibular rehabilitation who can help by developing an individualized treatment plan that combines head, body, and eye exercises to decrease dizziness and nausea.

We also offer a Free Balance Screen to test your balance.  Please go to the Wellness Services page to download the brochure.
Balance & Vestibular Therapy is available in our Spanish Plaines, Lake Sumter Landing, Mulberry Grove & Colony locations in The Villages, FL. Also available in our Leesburg & Highland Lakes locations in Leesburg, FL, and our Mt. Dora, FL office.