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Is something holding you back from living the active life that you’re used to living?

Your pain, balance, or mobility issues have taken away your active lifestyle and you’re worried that you’ll never get back to doing the activities you love—or worse, even lose your independence altogether.

At Lake Centre for Rehab, we're committed to helping you live the life you love.

You deserve the highest-quality care to alleviate your pain or regain your mobility. To do that, you need a reliable team of experts in a top-tier facility. And that’s the Lake Centre for Rehab team.

We’ve put together stories from some of our patients to demonstrate how Lake Centre for Rehab can quickly get you back to living your active lifestyle!

Read on to see what future without limitations can look like.


Don’t suffer in silence.


If you’re feeling disheartened that nothing has worked—or confused about how physical therapy might help—don’t fret. We’d be happy to speak to you about how physical therapy at Lake Centre for Rehab can make a big difference in your life... and in your pain levels.