Business First Coverage: Covid-19 ignited the adoption of telehealth. Now it’s here to stay

With the introduction of telehealth, expansive new opportunities are now available to patients regarding how they receive care without needing to leave work, school or their home. ProRehab Louisville CEO, Marcia Boyce, was interviewed by Louisville Business First about launching a Telehealth PT offering in the wake of COVID-19.


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ProRehab went from zero to nearly all online

Marcia Boyce, CEO and an owner of ProRehab Louisville, said that her company also did “zero” telehealth until Monday, March 28. But ProRehab, and the rest of the physical-therapy industry, was well-prepared to face the coronavirus-facilitated telehealth switch because of relatively new Kentucky law, she said.

As of July 1, 2019, the new law mandated that all insurances pay physical therapy telehealth sessions at the same rate as in-person sessions. Boyce was a part of committees within the Kentucky Physical Therapy Association that pushed for that legislation.

Insurance companies knew about the law. Physical therapy providers did, too. But many providers didn’t take advantage of it.

On March 28, ProRehab rolled out Microsoft Teams, a video chat and meeting application, and an app called Bookings within the Microsoft suite.

“We’ve got such great feedback from patients and they’re actually quite surprised that it’s been that helpful,” Boyce said.

Like other small firms, the telehealth platforms do not integrate into the organization’s EHR, meaning that the company needs to track visits and bill in a separate system.

“I think a piece of telehealth with stick around, and I can definitely see where it would be beneficial,” Boyce said. “There’s a piece of a thorough evaluation that is helpful with some of the hands-on skills that we provide.

“There’s nothing that I can do through telehealth that’s any better than some of the manual skills that physical therapists possess. That piece is irreplaceable.”

ProRehab is an outpatient physical therapy company that’s part of the Louisville-based rehabilitation and education conglomerate Confluent Health, which also has an education segment and an occupational therapy and workplace injury prevention division.

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